From the love for agriculture to the art of wine, believing that an excellent Franciacorta can born only from an excellent vineyard.

The winery, 2,000 m3 wide, is subdivided in two floors: the ground floor for pressing, wine making, disgorging and packaging and the underground floor for the ageing on the lees of our Franciacorta wines

The wines


Our first Franciacorta bottles were produced in 2000; then we increased in numbers and quality, thanks to the know-how grown and with the building of the new winery in 2010. Nowadays we manage 10 hectares of vineyard producing about 95,000 bottles per year.

Tastings and winery tours

The winery is open for guided tours and wine tastings.

Our wines

We produce different kind of Franciacorta in order to express the most our vineyards terroir.

Tastings and winery tours

Euro 20.00
Guided winery tour and tasting of 3 Franciacorta. (Duration: about 1 hour) served with local products.

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    Acquavite di vinaccia Eurosia Riserva 72 mesi

    • Product typology: Grappa Riserva (distillate).
    • Bottling: cl. 50.
    • Alcohol content: 42% Vol.
    • Distillation: batch method with the removal of the heads and the tails, in artisanal batch seam stills and water bath.
    • Woods used: French oak barriques troncais of medium roast.
    • Colour: deep brown with amber hues.
    • Bouquet: thrilling sensation of licorice and light notes of walnut, cinnamon and vanilla. A “sweet” aroma of date palm and mature carob further characterizes the elegant bouquet.
    • Taste: fine and intense, complex and velvety. Without roughness.
    • Aftertaste flavour: dried ftruits tones and spicy notes are softly wrapped by the pleasant warmness of alcohol. Regal persistence.
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